Monday, July 1, 2013

Watermelon, Lime, Cotija and Basil Salad

My pastimes include making loud, obnoxious noises.  Like beast noises.  Seth just yells "beast" when I get on a roll.  He occasionally makes a remark about me needing to stop being so beasty, but we all know that he secretly loves the absurd soundscapes I create.

Possible reasons these ridiculous sounds include:
-my way of filling up the space with my essence even when I have nothing to say
-my subconscious is creating performance art
-I just love the freedom in making primal, beastial sounds for no apparent reason
-I enjoy the contrast of making loud beast noises while wearing a dress
-I relish in Seth's annoyance
-all of the above
-none of the above

On Netflix, we see this documentary called "Thunderbeast" popping up in recommendations.  At first it was a joke, like, "Haha, look, Netflix even knows that I'm a beast, maybe I'm even in the movie."

Then Thunderbeast became a fixture.  Always sitting there as a recommended title to watch.  So eventually I was like, huh, what is Thunderbeast even about? Oh buffaloes/bison?, I don't actually know anything about this animal.  Maybe I should learn something.

So it was played.  But between Max, and okay, lets face it, Max, the documentary never got my full attention.  But I was interested.  Thunderbeast is an oddly compelling animal.

Thunderbeast was played again. And again.  Like ten more times.  I still haven't finished it.  I'm sure the NSA is wondering why someone would keep playing this documentary over and over and over again.  Especially when the person supposedly watching it still knows nothing about the animal except that the buffaloes were quite mean to a  lost fawn and left her to some wolves.  And that they have a keen sense of smell.

One of these days I will finally finish it.

Until then, I have a salad.  Pink watermelon chunks sprinkled with basil, cotija cheese, lime juice, and lime zest..  So bright and loud and refreshing.  Just like the noises I create.

watermelon chunks
cotija cheese
lime juice
lime zest

Just toss some watermelon chunks with torn basil leaves.  Sprinkle with a bit of cotija cheese and lime zest.  Finish with a drizzle of lime juice.


  1. It's the little things in the life... Or the beasty things. Either way, I approve.

  2. Sounds delicious. Great way to serve watermelon!

  3. hahaha you crack me up with the noises thing. I am literally obsessed with watermelon and now I want some really bad!

  4. Haha your beast noises are hilarious! And this salad - how refreshing! And just in time for July 4th!

  5. Yum, a herd of Thunderbeast would have to drag me away from this salad. :D

  6. Sounds like it's very entertaining around your house :) Your salad looks so refreshing...perfect way to beat the heat!

  7. Oh I wish it was summer here. This salad screams summer entertaining! However am I naive to have never heard of cotija cheese? Would feta also work?

  8. I make a lot of weird noises also. Usually in lab when I mess things up. Or am frustrated. Or both. :)

    Want this salad!

  9. Love how light and refreshing this salad sounds!

  10. We all make weird noises, I do to! This salad is perfect!

  11. Summers are salad days and what better than watermelon salad with freshness of basil. Very nice recipe.

  12. The salad looks wonderful, so refreshing and yummy!

  13. such a cool & confetti treat,love the ease of this salad,thanks for sharing
    view our blog

  14. This is exactly the kind of salad I want for the rest of summer. I love the flavor mix of a salty cheese with watermelon!

  15. Weather the Thunderbeasts nor other monsters could manage to keep me away from this amazing watermelon salad!

  16. I haven't really used watermelon for meals and I REALLY love your watermelon salad that I have to give it a try! My kids will enjoy this "salad" for sure! :)


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