Sunday, January 27, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Dip

This is being posted under duress.

I really don't want to give a false impression of myself.  I love decadence.  I love cheese and pasta and bread and all the things that I'm supposed to say that "I love but I can only eat a teeny tiny bit once in a blue moon."

Except I eat the things that I want when I want.

I am not the one who says "Ohhhh I make this for my husband and friends while they watch the game."  I mean, what am I supposed to be eating instead?  Hurriedly stuffing raw carrots or quinoa with Craisins in my mouth, hoping noone will catch me actually eating something?

I am not one of these women.  You won't find me laughing alone while eating a salad.  I stand firmly against the idea that women are supposed to feel bad about what they eat and should be laughing while chomping down on some mixed greens.

I hate that nonsense, the gender-ization of food. Sometimes I want some chicken wings.  Sometimes I want a salad.  The same goes for Seth.

The problem is the buffalo sauce.  The taste and smell just get to me!  Just like my genetic issue preventing me from enjoying stuffing/dressing,  a similar one prevents me from relishing the phenomenon known as buffalo chicken.  I wish there was something I could do to correct this situation.  Dear Big Pharma - please work on this for me!

Seth, of course, adores buffalo chicken anything.  And after pestering me about a dip for months, I caved.  I can't even remember why that happened.  It just did.  Luck happened to rain down on him in torrents that day, apparently.

And don't worry - raw carrots and quinoa with Craisins did not grace my lips.

1 pound thinly sliced chicken breast strips.
garlic powder
seasoned salt
1-2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 small bunch scallions, chopped
10 ounces Franks Red Hot Sauce
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
8 ounces cream cheese
1 cup blue cheese dressing
1/2 cup grated Monterey Jack cheese
1/2 cup grated cheddar cheese
lots of celery

Sprinkle the seasonings on top of the chicken breast (both sides).  Heat (medium-high) the olive oil in a cast iron (preferably) skillet.  Place the seasoned chicken in skillet and brown (about 3 minutes).  Flip and brown the other side.  Take off heat once the chicken has cooked through. Shred or chop the chicken pieces so that chicken can be dispersed throughout the dip.

In a saucepan over low heat, melt cream cheese, butter, and blue cheese dressing together.  Stir in the chicken, scallions, and Franks.  Pour into a greased baking dish and top with the cheeses.  Bake at 350 until nice and bubbly and hot, and the cheese is all melted.  Sprinkle some chopped celery on top.  Serve with chips and celery.


  1. I used to worry about eating in front of other people- now I'm a complete piglet, and I love it. :D

    I'll gladly take any remaining buffalo sauce that you don't want! ;)

  2. Pshaw. Who said buffalo chicken was just for the boys? I'd totally make some of this for board game night with the girls.

  3. Haha, oh my. I definitely eat what I want when I want it (i.e., almost a dozen PB cookies since Friday). And I also love buffalo anything, so I'd gladly take this off your hands.

  4. I can eat anytime, anywhere and infront of anybody....lOL
    This is Yumm.... Who can resist buffalo chicken anything right!

  5. I totally agree, Jenn! I am NOT one of those people either. I too hate the gender-ization of food. And partly as a result of all of that, sometimes I think males think somehow that EVERY woman no matter how healthy and happy with herself WANTS to lose weight or feels insecure about her size. Um, nope. We just want to have fun. And that involves being confident, happy and having whatever kind of grub we feel like. :) And four kinds of cheese in one dip sounds good to me!

  6. wow This is totally delicious! I bet it's great to serve with some pasta too.

  7. So glad you fought back, Jenn - Enjoy your dish!

  8. Wow that dip looks so creamy and delicious :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. Looks perfect for Super Bowl Sunday!

  10. This dip is so much better than raw carrots! :)

  11. I'm the same way - I love the idea of buffalo chicken anything, but just can't get my head wrapped around the texture.

  12. I am a HUGE buffalo sauce fan so this dip sounds amazing to me!

    I hate the genderization of food also...why should some dishes be "girly" and others not. So weird.

  13. Yum. And that woman who is so cheerful over her salad is probably heavily medicated. :)

  14. It's a balancing act, isn't it? I don't really think about my weight (at all), but I know if I put healthy food in my body most of the time I'll feel better. The key phrase there is "most of the time" - my weakness is sweets, and I do enjoy them!

  15. Hmm maybe it's the vinegar smell that gets to you? Either way I'm with you - I eat a salad when I want not because I feel I should. Either way I'm a buffalo fanatic and I love these types of dips. Looks delish.

  16. Jenn you are the queen of dips! This one looks like a winner. And I agree with the genderization of food - sick and tired about being expected to defer the offer of a cookie or get excited because the salad bar has kidney beans today.

  17. Seth is lucky to have you! I went out of town and Bill bought a can of baked beans...which he loves and I never, ever make. You are much nicer than I am ;) I've made this dip and everyone loves it...even my girlfriends!

  18. I know that my uni-friend will be crazy over this dip. She loves Buffalo Chicken Wings; well so do I too. This will be a perfect gals night in in PJs and watching some chick flicks or comedies. Great clicks too Jenn!

  19. This dip looks so good and... i'm not that kind of woman as well! Who cares?!?

  20. This sounds SO good, I reckon I'd eat the whole bowl!

  21. My gosh, look at those two pictures! Just those pics lone make us want to eat this dip! This will be a big hit for sure... yum!!

  22. Wow this is perfect for the super bowl.

  23. This sounds perfect for any party!!Love buffalo sauce and can imagine how delicious it must taste :)

  24. This looks phenomenal!!! And would be perfect for Sunday's Super Bowl...or any time for that matter! :)


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