Thursday, March 14, 2013

Homemade Cashew Butter

My mind is is filled with clouds.  Some are stratus clouds, keeping running mental lists of groceries, chores and projects to complete, activities to do with Max.

Some are more like the wispy cirrus kind, with nascent, fleeting thoughts.  The sliver of a Max story to remember to tell Seth.  The name of the book I absolutely need to read. Ohh my god, I need a muffin.  The stream of consciousness stuff.

Some are puffy cumulus clouds, obsessing about watching the next episode of West Wing (yes, we are like a decade late to this), or what I want to eat for dinner.  Or exactly what kind of sweet treat I'm in the mood for (we've all experienced the crushing disappointment of eating cookies when really, you need some ice cream).  There are probably a lot of food clouds floating around.  Okay, there are DEFINITELY lots of food clouds.

Then there are the nimbus clouds, brooding over climate change and foolhardy austerity measures.   Wondering what it all means when someone who was all about Gap Dream grew up into someone more like a Gap Om. Fretting about growing income inequality and finances.  Worrying that WE ALL ARE JUST CHARACTERS in a book (never again will Pat the Bunny and Goodnight Moon be the same).  Grieving over the cancellation of Don't Trust the B in Apt 23 (Dawson forever!!), etc.

With all the clouds swirling around, I can sometimes be oblivious to things going on around me.  The physical world.  The tangible.

Until the physical finally brushes up against me.  Or, I brush up against it.

Like the other night. When my hairbrush went up against the largest knot I have ever had the joy (dismay) of experiencing. Just hanging there. All tangled and big. Did I mention tangled?  Bringing up the extremely pressing questions of "how long has this been there" and "how did I not notice this before??!??" Errands, playground trips, all likely done by the girl with the giant knot in her hair.

This cloudy world I inhabit seems to also have obscured the deliciousness of cashews.  I've always liked them, but never did I realize how wonderful they are.  It is more than just like - it is love.  I have begun to make up for lost time by throwing them in everything that remotely appears to be a good match for them.  Like this chicken salad, or these meringues.  And now they have been turned into cashew butter.  It's got a flavor that will part the clouds any day.

10 ounces roasted and salted cashews
2 1/2 teaspoons wild dandelion honey
2 tablespoons walnut or other nut oil
2 tablespoons canola oil (feel free to use more if needed)
pinch kosher salt

Run the cashews in a food processor until very fine.  Add in the honey and walnut oil and process until everything comes together (this may take a bit, just be patient).  Slowly add in the canola oil and process until the mixture reaches your desired consistency.  I made mine on the thick side, as it would work better in a recipe I was using it in.  Add kosher salt to taste.


  1. Now this is very new to me! Cashew butter! We sometimes have roasted and salted cashews as my husband likes to buy. Never realized we can make butter out of them. So interesting!

  2. I would love to make a hot grilled cashew butter and jelly sammy with this..YUM!

  3. What a great idea,sounds like real comfort food!
    I would like to try it not only as a spread but as addition to some sweet sour dishes like an Asian inspired chicken with lots of veggies. Congrats Kenn, for this delicious recipe!

  4. Please, just send me a jar and a very large spoon! Yum...
    (The West Wing is awesome!) :D

  5. Oh now my mind is floating up to the heavens. Cashew butter sounds so very good! Thank you for sharing it with us. As always, a lovely end (or beginning) to my day. Have a blessed weekend!

  6. I love this beautiful skyward-looking post. I mean, clouds have to be parted and all but they are totally fun to make shapes out of and, well, the food ones are the best and the most prolific in my mind too. They multiply. Take me off on tangents. :) The cashew butter looks phenomenal. Never thought of adding honey!

  7. I love this post, so pretty with all the words :P

    And omg mmmm cashew butter

  8. Beautiful post and cashew butter looks interesting, I've tasted almond and hazelnut butters, cashew one should be really nice!

  9. Your writing is beautiful, Jenn! And as much as I love cashews, I need to try cashew butter...mmmmmmm....

  10. I remember a long time ago having a conversation with a co-worker about cashew butter and if I had ever found it I'd bring it to him (we are deep lovers of the cashew!) I also knew I could just whip up a batch, but eh you know I'd rather keep it for myself.

  11. I really want to experiment more with nut butter making...and this is the perfect way to begin!

  12. I love making homemade nut butters. Great addition of sweetness with the honey, it matches so well with cashews.


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